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Our Work

To address the disparity in how women and men use the in Rwanda, Women at Web encourages and promotes safe and effective internet usage, specifically among young women and girls. 
In partnership with DW Akademie and German Cooperation, the regional network Women at Web is determined to push for awareness on safe online spaces free from online gender-based violence, seek justice for victims of online gender-based violence as well as a capacity-building that will enable women to use the internet and digital technology.


Digital Literacy Training

We have trained 210 women in media, CSOs, business, and university students. We equip women with skills and tools to confidently and safely navigate online spaces for their professional and personal use. Our participants have created business pages for their businesses, Youtube channels where they share their content and websites sharing their ideas and blog posts. 


Online gender-based violence is underestimated, yet women and girls continue to be the victims, hindering their digital participation. We have had over 96,000,000 reach and impressions on social media across the region during our #SafeSpacesEA. 

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Mental Health Support

One of the effects of online violence is psychological trauma that victims experience, and there is not enough help. We organise peer to peer support group therapy to help them in their healing journey and provide tools to practice digital self-care. 


We know that data is power. We conduct studies on the intersection of gender and technology adoption, particularly women's participation online. Research helps us understand the status of online violence against women in Rwanda and how it is dealt with. 

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