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What We Do 

Digital development in East Africa has opened up unprecedented opportunities for women. Yet, digital challenges such as literacy, affordability, accessibility and appetite for the available content in online spaces continue to factor further into the digital gender divide. To address these issues, we focus on equipping women with the knowledge on how to use the internet safely and freely. Online violence against women is among the issues that hinder the active participation of women online. We advocate for policies that protect women online and allow perpetrators to be accountable.

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Digital Rights are Human Rights

Digital Literacy & Digital Citizenship Training

We train individuals and organisations on how to use online tools and platforms. Our training programs aim to equip women with skills, knowledge and tools to navigate online spaces confidently. We deliver our training to encourage a collaborative and participative environment with a human-designed approach. 

Mental Health Programs

We organise mental health support for victims of online violence and encourage digital self-care.


We conduct social media advocacy campaigns and physical programs advocating for a safer internet for all. Our campaigns include educating the general public about harmful behaviour online and influencing policy with key stakeholders.


We conduct cyber-related research to understand women's digital participation in Rwanda and acquire precise stats about Online Gender-based violence in Rwanda.



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Miriam Obara-Mwirotsi ~ Siasa Place, Kenya

“Women from all walks of life deserve an inclusive and affordable safe online space where they can express themselves freely in an ungoverned and unbiased way.”
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